QR Codes ~ The Latest In Lowcountry Real Estate.

If you are driving around Hilton Head and see a small white sticker with a bar code on a tree, mailbox, sign, or house, scan it with your smart phone and see what you get. It is  called a Quick Response Code and is the latest technology Realtors are using to help you sell your home. These QR codes are similar to those UPC codes we see the cashier scan at our favorite stores. They provide more information, pictures, possibly a virtual tour, and immediate access to the listing agent of the home of interest.  In our area, it is unlikely that our residential plantations will allow these QR codes to be posted anywhere on the exterior of a home since they don’t even allow signs, but you will see them in print advertisements. So the next time you see one of these codes, scan it and give it a try. You may like what you find.

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