Hilton Head Island Real Estate ~ Internet Shopping

INTERNET SHOPPING– It seems to be common place today to do most of our shopping on the Internet. No need to go to the stores anymore–you can get most of what you need just sitting at your desk during lunch surfing the web. Studies show that 87-90 % of Real Estate Buyers start their search online. This can be a real time saver –or so we think. It is easy to spend hours pouring over homes that “look” like the perfect home-only to find out that the “homey” kitchen was the size of a closet or that you have a major highway running thru your back yard( where was that in the pictures) It is very important to establish a good relationship with an actual agent–one that can do most of the leg work for you. When you give them your ‘Wish List” they can rule out alot of properties that will not work –many of which looked perfect on the Internet saving you valuable time to enjoy the things that you like to do. Remember the internet is a good tool but should not be used in place of finding a good strong REALTOR who will ultimately save you time and money.
Blog Written By Lonnie Goulet
Cell: (843)338-0094

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