The impressive Windmill Harbour Real Estate office proudly displays its two new flags just in time for Memorial Day honoring the brave men and women who have died defending our nation. “Freedom Isn’t Free” and our flag has become a symbol of the hardwork and sacrifice of those who we have lost in the field of battle. The state flag displays the same design that flew over independent SC during the Civil War. The Palmetto tree was instrumental in the defense of Sullivan’s Island against an attack by British warships in 1776. Cannonballs fired at the fort merely sank into the soft, tough Palmetto wood. The color blue was inspired by the soldier’s uniforms in the Revolutionary War while the silver cresent was on their caps. Seen raising a toast are (from left to right) Marguerite Carver, Frank Curley, Lonnie Goulet, Paige Rose, Will Settle, and Joe Lucchesi.
Blog Written By: Marguerite Carver GRI, CRS

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