Superbowl Recipe Ideas

I found this blog with great ideas for Sunday’s Superbowl fare and wanted to share them with you. The links are included. Happy Super Bowl Weekend. Go Team!

Blog below is by Little Pink Monster

Best Superbowl Recipes

by Natasha on February 3, 2012
I’ve got to stop pinning food late at night…it’s killing me.I’m not a big football fan. I’d say it’s probably my favorite of all professional sports but honestly, that’s not saying much. I do however love Superbowl Sunday because I have a major love affair with good appetizers. I love going to restaurants & just ordering apps for dinner.
Superbowl gives you total carte blanche to eat every gooey, cheesy, saucy bit of goodness served. I put together a pinterest board with a some of my go-to apps for Sunday’s game. Pioneer Woman’s BBQ whiskey sliders & the caramel apple shots are definitely must tries for me. Ughh, these pictures are killing me! MUST FIND MELTED CHEESE NOWWW!

-By the way, I know I’ve been doing a lot of pinning instead of listing out all the links here, I’m hearing there’s a waiting list now for new Pinterest accounts so if you need one leave a comment that includes your email address. Depending on how many are left I can’t promise anything but I’ll try my best to send you a personal invite from my account.

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