HCG Diet – Personal Testimony

This Blog is written by one of our Windmill Harbour Real Estate agents. It’s her experience with the HCG diet. As I have done this diet and lost 20 pounds, I have to agree with everything she’s saying here. At first glance, the diet seems restrictive and grueling. I’m always up for a challenge and know that your best results come from those things that are difficult to achieve. I knew I could do it and see the losses that so many others have seen. And I did, I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds. Yippee!!! Now I’m off to buy new clothes. 🙂
I did find a helpful website with yummy recipes. This was a huge help! Try the chili…it’s really good.

My Experience with the HCG Diet.
Weight Gain-Hot Flashes-Bloating.  That is what I have been experiencing for the last 3 years.  I can handle all of these except the weight gain.   I have never had a problem with my weight.  My family has always been on the smaller side.   But in the last year- I had gained 16 pounds!  It’s amazing how it crept up on me.  When I went in for my yearly checkup my doctor suggested I try the HCG diet.  I am not one for “fads” but thought since this was recommended by a doctor maybe it would work.   I went to an informational meeting and decided to give it a try. The majority of the people on this diet do not gain it back which also interested me.   I started January 7 and to date (February 7) have lost 17 pounds!  I have been thrilled with the results.  I eat 2 meals a day and feel full of energy and sleep great.  There is a very strict diet you have to follow– but once you get the hang of it is fairly easy.  It’s amazing how much I would eat during the day just nibbling.   I have had no ill effects from the plan and will probably meet my goal loss of 20 lbs.   I am in Phase 2 closing in on Phase 3.  I have been doing this with a friend in the office, which makes it almost fun (although she has lost more than I have) I am now a believer of this program even though I am generally a huge skeptic when it comes to anything that is unusual.

Lonnie Goulet
Windmill Harbour Real Estate and Marketing

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