Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal on Hilton Head Island

With so many homes on the market these days, buyers are reluctant to even get out of their car if they don’t find your home’s curb appeal inviting. Since this is the first thing a buyer will see, it is so important to address this critical first view of your home.  Try boosting your curb appeal with some of these tips.

Review your home’s current condition and curb appeal.
1. View your home from several areas – across the street, side views, and rear views.
2. Walk up to your home and pay attention to areas that might need a little TLC. Keep these things in mind upon approaching your house. Does it need to be power washed? Is the paint in good condition? Are there areas that might need to be repaired (ex. wood rot)? Is your walkway level and inviting? Does your landscaping need to be spruced up or trimmed?
3. What are your home’s most attractive features and how can you showcase those areas?

Start enhancing the curb appeal.
Once you’ve addresses any problem areas on the exterior, it’s time to move on to enhancing your home’s appeal. Simple and inexpensive enhancements can make a world of difference.
1. Add potted flowers at your stairs or near your front door.
2. Consider purchasing a new exterior address number.
3. Remove window screens and make sure windows are perfectly clean.
4. Consider a new welcome mat at the front door.
5. Consider walkway lighting or landscape lighting.
6. Make sure your front door is clean and freshly painted if needed.
7. If you have a large front porch, create a small sitting space. Every porch looks great with a few rocking chairs.

Since most buyers see a home for the first time on the Internet, pictures are very important and can increase your chances of a sale. Here are some tips on helping your realtor create that great exterior shot.
1. Make sure cars and toys are removed before the shoot.
2. Have your lawn cut and edged.
3. Make sure your lawn, driveway, and walkways are blown and free of debris.
4. Take several shots from different angles.
5. Review the light at different times of the day. Keep track of the optimal time where the sunlight showcases your home best.
Here are some inspirations for enhancing your curb appeal.

Clean and simple front porch.

Perfect color for any buyer.

Beautifully maintained landscaping. Simple and elegant.

Traditional Lowcountry home.

Great exterior lighting.

Another great Lowcountry cottage.

Love this Lowcountry porch! The finished ceiling is a beautiful touch.

The Richardson Group has been selling Hilton Head real estate and Bluffton Real Estate since 1956. Currently, our agents share 150 years of local residency, along with a deep commitment to the people and places that make the area unique. We have two different locations, one in Hilton Head and the other in Bluffton. We specialize in helping you find homes for sale inHilton Head.


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