Picnics on Hilton Head Island

Picnics on Hilton Head Island
Summertime is meant to be spent outdoors with family and friends. In the Lowcountry, so many of us spend our weekends at the beach or even on a remote river sandbar. I love packing a picnic for our long days on the boat.

I usually go for the items that don’t require much assembly and use Tupperware instead of packaging and wrapping. Less trash is always best! Most of our choices are grab and go. Take a peek into our Hilton Head picnic basket.

1.       Wraps – These are easy to throw together and can be cut into smaller portions. Easy for small hands and great for the adult looking for a small meal.


2.       Whole Fruit – We usually include fruits like grapes or apples. Our favorite is the clementine. Easy to peel and our kids love them.

3.       Nuts – Instead of the bag of potato chips, we usually turn to nuts. Roasted almonds are always a favorite with our crew.

4.       Couscous or Pasta Salad – If I know we are spending a full day out, I’ll throw in a light pasta salad or even a fresh cucumber and tomato salad.


5.       Sweet Treat – Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies are always a crowd pleaser.

6.       Water Water Water – Staying hydrated is so important. We usually partially freeze our water before we go. That way when we need it, it’s that perfect cool temperature.

What’s in your picnic baskets?

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