Recalculating My Route

I’m not the person who sits on the beach reading a book.  That may sound relaxing to some but it’s just not for me. I like to keep busy and when I’m vacationing I have the burning desire to see and do everything. I’m an explorer at heart and I’m grateful that I married a man who shares in this desire to get out and see the world even if a 5.5 hour drive home ends up taking 11 hours.

Why the added time to travel home? It all starts with technology. It’s the way of the world, right? Just plug in your coordinates into the IPhone and start your drive. It’s perfect until you decide to make a random right turn. Who likes interstates anyway? So we see an inviting road,  turn right,  and hear the words “Recalculating Your Route”. I love those words because in our car, that’s when the adventure begins.  By veering off our planned path, we had the opportunity to see the most beautiful countryside.  “Kids, put the games down and look around” I say and we roll the windows down and our journey begins.

The farms at The Mast Farm Inn

Along this winding mountain road, we find the rural village of Valle Crucis. Look down and the road follows a lush river. Look up and you can follow the mountains. Our first stop is the Mast Farm Inn which has been welcoming guests since the 1800s. This bed and breakfast also is home to an award winning restaurant, Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn. Featuring local vendors, bakers, farmers, and producers as well as 3 three principal distillers of North Carolina Moonshine, the restaurant won “The Best Dish in North Carolina Award”.  We park and start to walk around.

Found Some Friends Along The Way

Another Friend

The rest of our route takes us up the mountain, I mean straight up a narrow road. The kids were wowed by the steep inclines and frankly, so was I.  We pass beautiful old barns, lush fields, and even a woman and child waving at everyone driving by. Our recalculation eventually brings us back to our planned path. The right turn was well worth our time.  We did detour two more times during our trip. One of those was to Linville Caverns which I’ll save for another blog.

Happy Travels!

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