Staging Your Home for the Fall

Fall is just around the corner! Is your home on the market or are you thinking about listing it in the near future? Consider appropriately staging your home for a fall showing. We have gathered a few helpful tips on our blog to make your property stand out!

Source: Southern Living magazine

Focus on curb appeal

Clear away your summer flowers and focus on making the outside of your home a top priority. It gets tougher to keep your yard looking fresh as the seasons change, so this may require a bit of maintenance. Be sure to keep leaves raked and yards clear of any debris. You may want to spruce up the front porch with an assortment of pumpkins or fresh flowers, like brightly colored mums.

Brighten a buyer’s day

Fall means the days are getting shorter, so you’ll want to make sure your house is bright and cheery on home tours or showings. Consider replacing the light bulbs and fixtures in your house to create a bright ambiance. Turn on any lamps or overhead lighting a little before dusk so that your home always looks bright and open. A buyer will appreciate the extra light after a long day of house-hunting.

Make the inside cozy

What is better than coming home to a cozy space on a crisp fall day? You’ll want to create a comforting feeling the minute you step into your home so that a buyer feels that warmth and energy. Find comfy throw blankets or pillows to add to your living room sofa. Place firewood in an orderly pile near the fireplace. Set out decorative candles (but do not light them) around the house.

A little décor goes a long way

Decorating your home for the fall can be exciting! However, you don’t want to go overboard with decorations. Keep your fall décor at a minimum, because you don’t want to distract the buyer from the home itself. For example, a fall-themed wreath on the front door is a welcoming look, but maybe skip a pumpkin patch-themed front yard with haystacks and scarecrows.


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