Windmill Harbour Crime Report

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While 70% of Hilton Head Island residents live within a gated community, less than 12% of reported crimes happen in the plantations, according to a 2014 Beaufort county sheriff’s office report. Hilton Head Islanders are so fortunate to live in an area that makes gated plantations an island-wide priority. With 24 hour security, community patrolling and continual security measures within each plantation, living in a gated community like Windmill Harbour has major appeal. Gated plantations have an effect on property values and community attractiveness for those very reasons.

According to the Island Packet, Windmill Harbour plantation has an extremely low crime rate compared to other communities on the island. From the Island Packet article published in April 2016, they report: The 345-home neighborhood posted nine crime reports, or about 2.6 crime reports for every 100 residences.

We are thankful to live in such a beautiful and safe neighborhood! If you would like to read more about crime reports on Hilton Head Island, visit the Island Packet website:

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