New Construction Tips

Are you ready to start building your dream home? Or maybe you are looking to start an addition on your current residence? Whatever the case, new construction can be a daunting task. Take a look at a few tips we recommend before starting your next construction project.


Hire Locally

Local construction is always the way to go. When you hire a contractor in your community, he or she will have access to local subcontractors and suppliers, which will keep your project completed in a timely manner. Try to find your next contractor through word-of-mouth references from friends with good experiences.

Be Careful with Bids

You will want to gather at least two to three bids for your next project, but do not simply go with the cheapest option. This could lead to unforeseen extras piling up at the end of the project. Also, just because someone prices high does not mean their quality is the best. This is where you want to make sure you are finding reliable references on the contractor you’ve selected.

Investigate the Area

You will want to check out crime reports, school districts, POA or HOA fees, etc. before you commit to building on a new lot. Windmill Harbour is one of the safest gated communities on the island and has some of the lowest POA fees of any surrounding area.

Choose Your Street Wisely

You won’t want to overbuild and become the most expensive home on your block. Resale values can be based on other homes in your area, so a home that’s the most expensive probably will not benefit in resale. Also, avoid any home trends that are happening as you build. If you choose to add something trendy, it almost always goes out of style by the time you are ready to sell.

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