Charleston-Style Details

Windmill Harbour is a special community unlike any other on Hilton Head Island. Many of the homes in the plantation feature Charleston-style architecture, emulating a classic and charming southern décor. Read a little bit more about the types of Charleston architecture you can find in most Windmill Harbour homes.

The following photographs feature a current listing – click on the caption below each photo for a virtual tour of the property, or stop by our office to schedule a home tour

Spacious Porches

Third Bedroom Balcony.JPG
21 Crosstree Drive

As Southerners, we appreciate our time spent outdoors. You will find that many of the Charleston-style homes include several balconies, often times one outside of every bedroom. What better way to enjoy your morning coffee or an evening cocktail than spending your down-time on a private balcony.

False Entry Doors

21 Crosstree Drive

One of the most charming aspects of a Charleston-style patio home is the false entry front door. False entry doors are a staple of Charleston architecture, dating back to the 1800s when homeowners made the style popular. Back in the day, if you leave your false door open, it means guests are welcome to stop by; leave the door closed and you are not receiving visitors. The false door also served as a privacy mechanism so that homeowners could enjoy the cool summer breezes from their front porches without passerby’s looking in on them.

Carolina Rooms

21 Crosstree Drive

It’s unique to the state more-so than the city of Charleston, but many of our community homes feature a Carolina Room. The Carolina Room is a staple in a classic southern home – it’s basically a different name for a “sun room.”

Colorful Exterior Paint Colors

Windmill Harbour

Modeling after the famous “Rainbow Row” in Charleston, South Carolina, Windmill Harbour features a rendition of the brightly colored exteriors. This row of townhomes feature stucco properties painted in an array of pastel colors overlooking the harbour.

The Marina

Windmill Harbour Marina

Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful Windmill Harbour Marina. The 15.5 acre yacht basin is the heart of Windmill Harbour and home to the renowned South Carolina Yacht Club. Just as boating is an important aspect of social life in Charleston, Windmill Harbour is proud of our private, world-class locked harbour (one of three on the east coast!).

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