Landscaping Tips for Spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your front yard for a landscape makeover. Read these tips before you start:


Starter Fertilizer is Your Friend

It’s important to know before you begin planting anything, make sure you are using starter fertilizer. This will provide a great foundation for new plants. The best fertilizers are low in nitrogen and contain fungi that will help the roots gain sustenance.

Invest in Quality Garden Tools

It may seem like a frivolous expense to spend a little extra money on quality garden tools, but a little more goes a long way. The last thing you want when you set out to begin your project is a collection of faulty tools that are prone to breaking or can’t keep up with job.

Create a Plan and Stick to It

Meet with a local landscaping expert for a consultation, or at the very least, have a plan drawn out before you start your project. This will help keep your vision alive and you will be more likely to stay within your budget.

Buy Enough the First Time

Be sure to purchase the right amount of flowers, mulch and soil when you set out to start your project. You can always use extra flowers, or return them to the store if you’ve bought too much. You don’t want to buy too little and when you return to get more, your colors are sold out.

Shop Online or Mail-Order

You’d be surprised how many options are out there when it comes to buying and shipping plants right to your home!

Split Your Expenses

Maybe a neighborhood friend is looking to begin a new landscaping project? Consider finding someone to split the rental costs of gardening equipment to save a little extra cash.

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