The Benefits of Real Estate Investment

After the housing bubble and recession in 2008, the real estate sector received a great deal of negative attention. Suddenly it seemed like investing in real property was no longer a good deal. In reality, investing in real estate means you have the opportunity for a future income stream from your property. Read below to learn about the benefits of investing in real estate, instead of other alternatives like the stock market.

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Tax Deductions

Its tax season, so deductions are on everyone’s mind. When you own a home, you may be surprised at the deductions available. From Mortgage Interest deductions to Home Buyer tax credits, you can save on your taxes in the long run.


Over the long term, home values will continue to increase at a steady rate. Plus, you are more likely to save money owning a home, rather than paying rent money. See our blog post about Renting vs. Buying here.

Stable Income Return

Turn your real estate into a short or long term rental. Not only could this qualify you for the Vacation Home tax deduction, but you can rely on a steady stream of potential income.

Build Equity

Every time you make a payment toward your mortgage, it’s like depositing a little bit of money into a savings account.

This information is reliable but not guaranteed. If you have a brokerage relationship with another agency, this is not intended as a solicitation. 

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