"Super-Size Your Courage" & Ride On


I am taking a break from real estate to talk about a lifelong passion of mine.

Let me start by saying I am a 38 year old “re-rider”. I will explain…I grew up riding horses and took a hiatus to have two amazing boys. Riding horses has always been a keen interest of mine and during my years off, I felt as though something was missing. So back into the horse world I went. Being a re-rider is a humbling and challenging experience. I may not be the rider I was but I have not forgotten how I once rode. My first time back in the saddle was not exactly as I had planned. I envisioned it would be like riding a bike. You never forget that, right? I soon found out that my muscles had forgotten what to do and had to be reconditioned. It takes practice, practice, practice.
Nothing like a trail ride with a good friend!
I’ve had so much encouragement along the way but one person in particular has been a huge help to me, my trainer, Allison Campbell. She has been patient and understanding throughout the process. She has pushed me in the most comfortable ways to help me achieve my goals and gives me the reassurance I need to complete tasks that wouldn’t normally do on my own. I always end my lessons feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
The latest and greatest, Beets. I look like a giddy kid in love. I’m one lucky girl!
Knowing my love for horses is great and my pockets are not so deep, Allison has found ways to make my dreams come true. Whether it’s finding me an affordable horse to lease or letting me ride a horse she’s working on, she has gone out of her way to help me.
Hello Pocket!
 He took care of me during one of the hardest times of my life, a family illness.
I ride at Rose Hill Equestrian Center and I can’t say enough good things about this barn. Managed and run by Hall of Fame Jockey, Eddie Maple and his wife Kate, the barn is a safe sanctuary for all horses. It’s truly a “happy horse” barn. The minute I walk through the doors, the stresses of the day are gone and I am ready to give it my all. I highly recommend this barn and trainer, Allison Campbell. If you are a re-rider like me or a child/teenager looking to show, call Allison! (843) 247-7987
Paige Rose
Windmill Harbour Real Estate and Marketing
(843)681-5600 office
The Richardson Group has been selling Hilton Head real estate and Bluffton Real Estate since 1956. Currently, our agents share 150 years of local residency, along with a deep commitment to the people and places that make the area unique. We have two different locations, one in Hilton Head and the other in Bluffton. We specialize in helping you find homes for sale inHilton Head.

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